NAFrythm is the name of the multiethnic group that was formed starting from the laboratory “The city of music”. NAFrythm is an Afro-Neapolitan ensemble that sets the meeting of different cultures in music. The songs are inspired by the feeling of brotherhood and solidarity. NAFrythm arises from a free music workshop for refugees seeking asylum held by Rete co ‘Mar, a collective of Neapolitan musicians; from these meetings a real group has developed with an original repertoire of unpublished songs. The aim is to publish and promote, in collaboration with immigrant artists and Neapolitan musicians, an album of original songs on the theme of peace between peoples and international solidarity. During the activities of the music workshop in favor of immigrants we focused on creativity as an element of interracial integration and we collected the original contributions of the Nigerian artist Nyong Inyang, in order to create a music CD.

With the contribution of Otto for Mille Valdese the MUSIC AND PLATFORM project started: creation of a web platform and public musical events on the theme of immigration and interethnic integration, musical events open to debates and workshops with political and cultural personalities where direct confrontation of ideas on current social issues such as immigration, the possibility of integration, tolerance and peace among peoples is possible.
George doi, a nisei, reconstructed the map from memory in march 1993.